• The Most Extensive Lowland Forest

    on the Java Island

    The Most Extensive Lowland Forest
  • In-situ Wildlife Conservation

    Wild bull, Barking deer, peacock, horn bill, Javan rhinoceros, and tons of other unique creatures

    In-situ Wildlife Conservation
  • calm turquoise beach

    right in front of the lodge

    calm turquoise beach
  • The Best Hospitality Service

    in the middle of ujung kulon national park

    The Best Hospitality Service
  • Gratify lodge

    with eco concept

    Gratify lodge


As the best and most extensive lowland forest remaining on the Java Island, Ujung Kulon National Park retains its natural beauty and possesses unique biological diversity. The pristine natural environment is believed to sustain the last viable natural population of the most seriously under threat Javan rhinoceros. In the middle in this in-situ conservation, located at Peucang Island, we carefully build the simple but gratify eco lodge. Surrounded by on-going evolution of geological processes since the Krakatau eruption in 1883, white sand, calm turquoise beach and literally wildlife animal. Indubitably this is not the place for the common vacation. This is the place for you to expending experience. To be acquainted with the untouched wild inhabitants. To living simply as part of mother nature and respect it.

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Our Facilities


Eco concept bamboo house. Each house is equipped with a gazebo. Located only 10 meters away from the coast line. The bamboo carved with batik motif to let you keep feel the ocean breeze while inside. Feel the undeniable comfort of the queen size bed and the big sofa, also the mystify sensation of the outdoor bathroom.


Located around 50 meters from the coast line. Right in front of the building, there is artificial grasslands where deer, wild boar, monitor lizards are walked, grazed, and slept. If there aren’t many visitors, peacocks will also visit this meadow. It was built in 1989 to welcome the arrival of Prince Charles. Each room is equipped with an in-room bathroom, cabinet, twin or queen size bed, as well as a private balcony overlooking a meadow or the forest. We take care of it and provide it as a standard room.


Exclusive restaurant at the island. We serve seafood, western food, chinese food, barbeque, fresh juice, coffee and tea.

Since this is a remote area and the electricity only provided from 6pm-6am, we can’t keep our food supply for long duration. So, if you wish a proper meal, you need to order it in advance.


There is no public transportation which can deliver you to the island. But don’t worry, we also have several boat; Troy, Aqila, Rossa, and Fajar. Check out the price list for more detail.

Need a ride? Don’t hitchhiking. Just rent our car. Which one do you like; Toyota Avanza or Toyota HiAce. Let us know where we should pick you up; your hotel, house, airport or anywhere since it’s still located at West Java.

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Our Location

How to Get There

Peucang Island is located in the middle of Ujung Kulon National Park wilderness. To get there, you need to drive by car approximately 5 hours from Jakarta to Daplangu Jetty, Sumur district, Pandeglang, Banten. From Daplangu, you need to continue by traditional boat for approximately 4 hours.

Alternative way, you can drive by car approximately 3 hours from Jakarta to Probo Jetty, Labuan district, Pandeglang, Banten, then continue by speedboat for approximately 2.30 hours.